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Permit Secural

Design Services

Engineering Services

Our team will coordinate Engineering, Municipality Ordinances, Site Planning, Craft Trades, Painting, Signage, Electrical and Plumbing, Roofing and Siding, as well as Property Maintenance by optimizing people and equipment resources to meet your project site demands.


Addition Projects

Tenant Build Outs


Siding and Spouting

Serving PA, MD and Del with competitive pricing, skilled crews and comprehensive knowledge working with a network of specialized contractors
Medix Construction Services coordinates projects in Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern regions of PA, including MD and DE.

Project Solutions

Property Maintenance

Custom Property Service Plans

Business Re-images

ADA Code Compliance

Medix Construction Services will provide you with the attention of a local firm combined with a network of teams and sub-contractors utilizing all resources to tackle your next project.

is a service provider with project solutions. Being skilled in many trades the Medix Services companies can satisfy clients expanded needs from re-imaging a shopping mall to maintaining and repairing buildings to custom property service plans including general maintenance and lawn care.

Medix Construction Services is your project solution for your ADA Code Compliance Modifications, Build Outs and Signage Improvement Installs.

In full compliance with the requirements of these guidelines, Sign Medix and Paint Medix will work hand in hand with
Medix Construction Services to provide you with the entire project solution.

Together the companies will provide you with a survey of all or any portion of a building, structure or site area, entrances, exits, interior and exterior.

To preview what is required to meet these accessibility guidelines click this link and contact Medix Construction Services to schedule a time for your facilities survey.






Painting, Dryvit, Wallcoverings

has assembled a team comprised of experienced tradesman and sub-contractors that the owner Phil Saunders has worked with in his 15 years of business. So whether your project is a new roof or a complete building project or property maintenance, the Medix Construction Services team is more than equipped to the meet the task. Medix Construction Services is equipped with a 95’ Crane Truck, 55’ JLG lift, Trucks and trailers operated by trained, fully licensed and insured personnel.